Month: December 2017

Benson’s Energy Savings Agreement

Benson’s Energy Savings Agreement

While the installation of a new Heating and Air system can be pricey, Benson’s has created a simple way to mitigate that cost and enhance your service. Our Energy Savings Agreement offers big benefits for new and existing customers. It can save you money on your new unit and future service costs! Broken down into three tiers (Silver, Gold, and Diamond), Benson’s Energy Savings Agreement (ESA) makes sense at all levels.


We understand in the dead of summer, the last thing you want is no AC. At our Silver and Gold levels we will provide service within 24 hours, with Diamond providing same day service! Along with timely service, all levels are treated to two tune-ups per year to make sure everything is running as it should. We like to prevent problems before they become problems.


If you are in need of a repair, all levels of the ESA offer discounts: 15% off for Silver, 20% for Gold, and a whopping 30% discount for Diamond level! There are no overtime charges, so you have one less thing to worry about. Diagnostic’s for Silver level are $34.95, while Gold and Diamond are free! Regardless of your plan, savings are sure to be had on service costs.

New Systems

One of the more attractive features of our ESA is the discount on new HVAC units! With savings as high as $485 on a new Benson’s unit, our service plan is perfect for new installations.   

For more details on our service plans, visit the page on our website. More benefits are included that we didn’t discuss here, so check it out and contact Benson’s today!