TITLE: Residential ESA Team Leader

TENURE: 6 years

JOB DESCRIPTION: My job duties include ongoing training for the maintenance technicians, providing technical support for the maintenance team, performing a weekly ride along with maintenance technicians, scheduled inspections on site after maintenances are completed for quality control, random visits to sites while technicians are there performing a maintenance, technician evaluations and training maintenance technicians who want to excel and be promoted into the service department. I also respond to any problem calls from a maintenance that has been performed within 90 days. Lastly, I hold weekly service and training meetings, coordinate the weekend schedule and control overtime within the maintenance department.

INDUSTRY EXPERIENCE: I have been working for Bensons for 6 years. Two years as a maintenance technician, four as a service technician, and now going into the second month as Bensons Residential ESA Field Supervisor.