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Air Conditioning Repair

Air Conditioning Repair

AC Repair Service Near Tallahassee, FL

In this part of the country, air conditioning is not an option; it’s a necessity! When your unit breaks, you want an expert technician out to your home or business quickly to do the repair the right way at an affordable price. At Benson’s, we understand the importance of speed, effectiveness and cost when it comes to air conditioning repair. With 40+ years in business under our belt, we’re the area’s first and only call when it comes to AC breakdowns. 

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How long does an air conditioner compressor last?

The compressor and refrigerant in your air conditioner should last 12-15 years. With appropriate maintenance, your AC compressor should last for more than a decade. Your air conditioner's compressor is essential for eliminating heat from the air.

Why is my air conditioner running but not cooling the house?

If your HVAC system is on but not cooling, the first thing you should do is check your thermostat. First and foremost, ensure that it is set to cool. If it is, check the temperature setting to see if it has been changed.

Also, a clogged air filter can have a considerable influence on your cooling system. Check your air filter if your central air conditioner isn't delivering cold air. 

Check the outdoor condenser to ensure it’s clear of grass, soil and other impurities. This can cause your unit to blow warm air instead of cold air, and it can also reduce energy efficiency and possibly cause the system to shut down.

Should I repair or replace my home air conditioning unit?

A typical air conditioning unit has a 10- to 15-year lifespan. Your unit's performance can be extended if it is well-maintained. If your unit is more than 10 years old, the warranty has expired, you're having more frequent problems or the repair costs are very expensive, replacement may be the better option. If your air conditioner is less than 10 years old, well-maintained and has not encountered a severe malfunction, it may be better to get it fixed.

What’s Up With Your AC?

Your air conditioner works hard to keep you and your family cool and comfortable through the hot Florida & Georgia summers. While regular AC maintenance will help to keep breakdowns from happening, there is always the chance that your unit will need the occasional repair service. Some of the more common issues we see with AC repairs include:

  • House Just Is Not Cooling - The biggest issue we see, a unit just not working well can have a large range of causes and solutions. The reason could be something as simple as a clogged and dirty air filter not allowing air to circulate freely in your home; or it could be something a technician needs to fix, like low refrigerant levels or an issue with the compressor. 
  • Water Or Moisture Around the Unit - If you see signs of moisture around your AC, there could be problems with your draining tube or a connection with the pipes or refrigerant. Any leaks of liquid should be addressed quickly, as exposed refrigerant can be harmful to your health and pools of water could form mold or rust. 
  • Unusual Noises - Any sounds that are not the usual humming sound coming from your unit should be checked out. Noises like banging, screeching or grinding should be checked out immediately. Chances are, when the unit is sounding off, a complete shutdown is on the way, so early inspection could help save you money down the line. 
  • Odd Smells - Is there a musty or dank odor coming from your ducts? Or maybe every time the air turns on there is almost an electrical smell? Your unit’s wires may need to be replaced, or you could be facing moisture problems and need mold concerns addressed.

If you are having issues with your AC, don’t wait around! Call Benson’s today at (850) 562-3132!

Our Comprehensive AC Services in Tallahassee

Benson's is proud to provide full AC services and repairs throughout Tallahassee and the surrounding areas. Our full residential HVAC services include:

Emergency AC Repairs

We're available 24/7 in case your AC breaks down. Call us for prompt, reliable AC repair service when you need it most, even when it's:

  • During the weekend
  • In the middle of the night
  • Over a holiday
  • Anytime at all!

AC Tune-Ups

Regular maintenance on your air conditioning system is essential for your unit, providing:

  • More effective cooling from your AC, ensuring you are comfortable.
  • More efficient use of energy, saving you money.
  • Less chance of a breakdown in the future, helping you avoid the costs and headaches of an emergency repair.
  • Longer lifespan of the system, gaining years where you don't have to think about replacement yet.

HVAC System Inspections and Repairs

When you give our team a call for your AC repair, you'll notice right away why they say "It's better with Benson's". With every repair, we:

  • Do a full inspection of your unit, looking at both the issue and what other underlying causes could be causing your unit to falter.
  • Consult with you after our examination, ensuring you are aware of any issues we find with your system.
  • Work with you on next step solutions, providing different options as well as detailed explanations of what is involved in the process.
  • Repair your system the right way the first time.
  • Run a full diagnostic test after the service to make sure the system is functioning properly.

Air Duct Cleaning

Cleaning your air ducts is beneficial for your home in a few ways:

  • Cleaner indoor air
  • Cleaner HVAC unit for better performance

Indoor Air Quality Solutions

We offer a number of different products and services to ensure your home's indoor air is fresh and clear of contaminants, including:

  • Air Filtration
  • UV Light
  • Dryer Vent Cleaning
Bensons Heating Air Conditioning System Repair

Benson’s AC Repairs

In our 40+ years in business, we have pretty much seen it all when it comes to AC repairs! And when you have a problem with your air conditioner, we understand that you want it fixed the right way the first time at a good cost. Our technicians will be able to accurately diagnose and repair your unit quickly and affordable. We offer:

  • 24/7 Emergency Services - Because we know that breakdowns never seem to happen at a convenient time.
  • No Surprise Pricing - You will never see an unexpected charge from us.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee -  We are not happy unless you are happy too and will do everything in our power to set things right.
  • Award-Winning Service - We regularly receive the top local awards for customer service in the area.

Contact Us Today for Reliable AC and HVAC Services in Tallahassee, FL

Our team of expert HVAC technicians is ready to help you with your AC repair. Just connect with us online to schedule an appointment or with any questions. If you need emergency AC service, please call us at 850-562-3131 for faster response time. We can't wait to help get your home comfortable again!

We You Tallahassee!

Julia Sullivan
Julia Sullivan
11:43 15 Feb 24
Aidan was wonderful! He arrived within the time frame that was given, he did a great job and was very polite and respectful. I appreciated that he had booties on over his shoes. :)
Nancy Connolly
Nancy Connolly
23:30 12 Feb 24
I called for service on a 13 year old unit. Raymond was quick to identify the issue, and resolve the problem with my outside unit. He was professional and helped me sign up for a maintenance program.
Jacque Gilberg
Jacque Gilberg
15:01 09 Feb 24
Our technician David was thorough and adhered to safety precautions related to COVID 19. He cleaned up area where he worked , explained what jobs he performed, and we appreciated his being on time and doing a great job.

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