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Benson’s Residential Maintenance Plans

Benson's Residential Maintenance Plans

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When you sign up for a Residential Maintenance Plan with Benson’s, you are not just adding a yearly service to your heating and cooling system — you are getting so many additional savings and benefits. As a premier client, all kinds of perks will be coming your way! And the best part: the cost of membership is so affordable that it pretty much pays for itself!

Silver Level
  • Diagnostic Service within 48 hours
  • 15% Discount on Repairs and Filters
  • Overtime Charge Discounted to $159.95
  • Two Tune- ups per Year
  • Discounted Diagnostic of $84.95
  • $195.00 Off New Complete System
  • Regular Service Hours Monday-Friday 8am-4pm
  • After hours Monday-Friday after 4pm, Weekends all day
  • Pay and Schedule Securely Online
  • $16.25/monthly or $195.00/year
  • Second unit $8.75/mo or $105.00/year
Gold Level
  • Diagnostic Service within 24 hours
  • 20% Discount on Repairs and Filters
  • Overtime Charge Discounted to $119.95
  • Two Tune-ups per Year
  • Discounted Diagnostic of $64.95
  • $295.00 Off New Complete System
  • Regular Service Hours: Monday - Friday 8am - 4pm
  • After hours Monday-Friday after 4pm, Weekends all day
  • Pay and Schedule Securely Online
  • $24.58/monthly or $295.00/year
  • Second unit $8.75/mo or $105.00/ year
What are the benefits of an HVAC maintenance agreement?

An HVAC maintenance agreement provides regular check-ups for your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems. This proactive approach offers benefits such as increased energy efficiency, extended equipment lifespan, reduced likelihood of breakdowns, and improved indoor air quality. Regular inspections also identify potential issues early, preventing costly repairs. Additionally, having a maintenance plan often includes priority service and discounts on repairs or parts. Overall, it ensures optimal system performance, comfort, and cost savings over time.

What happens if I avoid HVAC maintenance?

Avoiding HVAC maintenance can lead to various issues. Over time, dust and debris accumulate, reducing system efficiency and indoor air quality. Neglected components may fail, resulting in costly repairs or premature system replacement. Without regular inspections, minor problems can escalate into major malfunctions, causing discomfort and potential safety hazards. Additionally, an unmaintained system tends to operate less efficiently, increasing energy bills. Overall, neglecting HVAC maintenance can result in higher costs, reduced comfort, and an increased risk of unexpected breakdowns.

How often should your AC be serviced in Florida?

In Florida's warm climate, it's recommended to service your AC system at least once a year. However, due to the intense usage, some experts suggest scheduling maintenance twice a year, ideally in the spring and fall. Regular servicing helps ensure optimal performance, energy efficiency, and early detection of potential issues. Factors like system age, usage patterns, and manufacturer recommendations can influence the frequency of service. Consulting with a local HVAC professional can provide tailored advice based on specific conditions and needs.

How often does an HVAC system need a tune-up in Tallahassee, FL?

An HVAC system typically needs a tune-up once a year. It's recommended to schedule maintenance before the start of each cooling and heating season. Regular annual tune-ups help ensure optimal performance, energy efficiency, and early detection of potential issues. However, in some cases, heavily used systems might benefit from more frequent maintenance, while newer systems with fewer demands might do well with tune-ups every two years. Always refer to your manufacturer's guidelines and consult with HVAC professionals for personalized recommendations.

How much is a tune-up on an AC unit in Tallahassee, FL?

The cost of an AC unit tune-up in Tallahassee, FL, can vary based on factors like the company you choose, the specific services included, and the current market rates. On average, a basic AC tune-up can cost around $75 to $200. However, more comprehensive services might increase the price. It's recommended to contact local HVAC service providers for quotes to get a more accurate estimate for your specific needs and the prevailing rates in your area.

What does an AC tune-up include?

An AC tune-up is a comprehensive maintenance service designed to optimize the performance and efficiency of an air conditioning system. During a typical tune-up, an HVAC technician performs various essential tasks. They calibrate the thermostat to ensure accurate temperature control and replace or clean air filters to maintain indoor air quality. The technician cleans the condenser and evaporator coils to improve heat transfer, checks and adjusts refrigerant levels for efficient cooling, and inspects and tightens electrical connections to prevent electrical issues. They also assess the motor and fan for proper operation, lubricate moving parts, clean the condensate drain to prevent clogs, and test safety controls for system shutdown in emergencies. The overall performance of the system is evaluated, and any necessary recommendations for repairs or improvements are provided. While the specific services offered can vary, an AC tune-up is aimed at prolonging the system's lifespan, reducing energy consumption, and minimizing the risk of breakdowns.

Benson’s For Service Tune-Ups & More!

Homeowners in and around Tallahassee turn to Benson’s for their heating, cooling and indoor air quality needs again and again. We are the area’s top choice for comfort services for a number of reasons:

  • Knowledge - The incredible service you get from our NATE certified technicians.
  • Awards - Our company regularly receives the highest local awards for customer service.
  • Assurance - We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of our services.
  • Cost - Our pricing is upfront, with no surprises ever.
  • Financing - We offer incredible financing options with approved credit.
  • Availability - Our team is there for you 24/7 for emergencies.

To sign up for one of our Residential Maintenance Plans, use our online payment system, or give us a call today at (850) 562-3132!

We You Tallahassee!

Julia Sullivan
Julia Sullivan
11:43 15 Feb 24
Aidan was wonderful! He arrived within the time frame that was given, he did a great job and was very polite and respectful. I appreciated that he had booties on over his shoes. :)
Nancy Connolly
Nancy Connolly
23:30 12 Feb 24
I called for service on a 13 year old unit. Raymond was quick to identify the issue, and resolve the problem with my outside unit. He was professional and helped me sign up for a maintenance program.
Jacque Gilberg
Jacque Gilberg
15:01 09 Feb 24
Our technician David was thorough and adhered to safety precautions related to COVID 19. He cleaned up area where he worked , explained what jobs he performed, and we appreciated his being on time and doing a great job.

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