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Heating Services

Heating Services

Full Services on Heating Systems In Tallahassee, FL

Even down here in the south, the temperature outside can drop pretty fast. When you need it, you want your heating system to work the right way. For expert, dependable heating services, connect with the professional team at Benson’s Heating & Air Conditioning. We can get your heater, HVAC or furnace running again quickly to keep you and your family warm and comfortable all winter long!

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Energy Savings Agreements

For a low price that comes with a heap of extra benefits, signing up for one of our HVAC maintenance plans just makes good sense.

Why is my heat on but my house is cold?

It might be a ductwork issue if your furnace is blowing hot air but your house is still cold. It's possible that your ducts are leaking or broken, allowing cold air to enter while hot air escapes. A system damper may occasionally become misaligned or come loose, unintentionally obstructing or reducing airflow.

Check your thermostat next if your ductwork checks out ok.  If your central heat is blowing hot and cold air into the house and your furnace is on all the time this could be because the fan switch on your thermostat is set to “on” rather than “auto”. If this is the case the fan will run continuously, producing both hot and cold air. The temperature in your house will stay much cooler than desired if this is the issue. Set your thermostat fan to “auto” and wait a few hours to see if the temperature improves. 

It might be time to call the pros if your home feels cold to the touch and your furnace is blowing. Sometimes all your system needs to function properly again is a good tune-up. Your system may operate more efficiently if the cobwebs are removed and all of the parts are in good condition.

How long does it take to fix a broken furnace?

An hour and a half to two hours may be needed for a furnace tune-up. The biggest factor, though, is the furnace's age. If your furnace is brand new and kept clean, it might go more quickly.  However, no matter what the age if it is discovered that you require more substantial repairs, it will probably take longer. For instance, it shouldn't take long to relight the pilot light, but, it might take up to an hour or longer to replace or fix the electric ignition system and larger system parts like the blower motor.

How much does it cost to maintain a furnace?

The price varies from $100 to $200 depending on the furnace's fuel type, the cost of an inspection, the level of cleaning necessary, whether a filter change is necessary, and the labor costs associated with maintaining the furnace. If furnace repairs are necessary or if the homeowner decides to have their air ducts cleaned, the cost may go up. The cost may be covered by a home warranty, or the homeowner may decide to buy an annual maintenance plan from a reputable HVAC business.

Best In Heating Services

We are happy to serve your home heating needs in and around Tallahassee, FL. Our business is built upon providing the best quality service, every time, which is why you can count on us with something as important as your home’s heating. Our customers continue to turn to Benson’s for a number of reasons, including:

  • Our 100% satisfaction guarantee on all services.
  • Free estimates and no-surprise pricing.
  • 24/7 emergency service, because a heater never breaks down on a warm day.
  • Convenient online payment options.
  • Service from an award-winning local business.

Bensons Tech Looking At Furnace With Customer

Our Heating Services

  • Heater Repairs - Our certified technicians will accurately diagnose and fix any problem with your heater. We can work on any type, brand, make or model of heating system. Our repairs are fast, effective and affordable. And before any work is completed, you can rest assured there will be no surprise costs after the fact with our no-surprise pricing guarantee, which means you’ll know every cent a job will cost before we start the work, period. It’s no wonder that Benson’s has become Tallahassee’s most trusted name in heating repairs in our 40+ years in business!
  • Heater Replacement - When it is time to replace your heater, you want the job done with accuracy and experience. Our NATE certified technicians will first advise you on which heating system would work best for your home before installing it with expertise and skill. We offer free estimates and incredible financing options on a number of the highest quality and energy efficient units available.
  • Heater Maintenance - With regular maintenance performed by Benson’s, not only will your unit run better for longer, the chances of it breaking down will be greatly reduced. A tune-up service will also allow your heater to run more efficiently, saving you valuable money on your energy bills. Our team will thoroughly inspect, clean and service your heater to ensure its prime condition all year long. We also offer Energy Savings Agreement plans that come with so many other added benefits that they end up practically paying for themselves.

We You Tallahassee!

Jackie Herring
Jackie Herring
19:41 22 Sep 23
Jacob explained everything he was going to be doing. Made me feel that he was confident in what he was doing. He explained the different service plans which helped me make the decision that is best for me. He was very professional and kept me in the loop every step of the way.
Ron Sagaert
Ron Sagaert
20:16 21 Sep 23
A truly first class company. Always available, always fair and always on time. They stand behind their product and their work! You have a customer for life in me! Thanks for giving your customers a quality experience.
Dale Dransfield
Dale Dransfield
21:30 19 Sep 23
Benson's has been caring for my HVAC needs for a number of years. I pay an annual fee and they show up twice a year to make sure everything is working properly. They always take extra care to leave the work area immaculate, clean the drains, replace the filters, etc. I recommend them to anyone looking for HVAC service.

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