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As a Florida resident, extremely hot summers and mildly cold winters come as no surprise. Many houses in Florida come equipped with a beautiful sunroom however, the unkindly weather keeps us from enjoying this unique feature. Depending on the size of your sunroom, the type of sunroom, the sunroom’s location in relation to the sun, your sunroom’s purpose, and your personal preference, there are many different options for implementing heating and cooling into your sunrooms to maximize your outdoor experience.

You can make your sunroom an equally used part of your home with a central heating and cooling system. If your home is already using a central heating and cooling system, adding a system to your sunroom can be as simple as adding a vent and connecting to the ductwork of your existing system. By connecting to your existing system, every room in your house will now be conveniently ran by one system. Turning the temperature of your entire home up or down will be as simple as pressing one button. Another option for implementing a central heating and cooling system into your sunroom would be to install a separate thermostat into the sunroom. This way you can control the temperature of the sunroom alone without affecting any other room in your home.

Keep in mind, your existing central heating and cooling system in your home may not be big enough to handle adding another room that needs cooling down or heating up. Instead of spending a large amount of money on a new, larger system altogether, a great option is a ductless mini split. Mini splits can be mounted on a wall or ceiling and can be as discreet or stylish as you’d like. You can even choose different finishes that will blend into the current color of your sunroom. There are even mini splits that are designed to look like a painting hanging on the wall.

A less permanent option for heating and cooling your sunroom is a portable heating and air conditioning unit. Unlike the common window unit you may have seen before, this portable unit only requires a small window that can vent the air along with an outlet nearby to plug in. This is more astatically pleasing because it does not protrude from the window. The disadvantage to using a portable unit is that it can be hard to get a precise temperature during the very hot times of the year.

How do you keep a sunroom warm in the winter near Tallahassee?

To keep a sunroom warm in the winter in Tallahassee, you can do the following: 

  • Increase the insulation in your sunroom. 
  • Use a space heater in your sunroom. 
  • Have a ceiling fan installed in your sunroom.

If you get a ceiling fan installed in your sunroom, it can help circulate any heat that rises. Another thing you can do to keep your sunroom warm is to get the ductwork of your HVAC system extended to your sunroom. To get help keeping your sunroom warm in the winter, call us today

What is the best way to keep a sunroom cool during summer near Tallahassee?

The best way to keep a sunroom cool during summer in Tallahassee is to: 

  • Have your sunroom’s windows tinted. 
  • Get blinds for your sunroom’s windows. 
  • Have vents and fans installed in your sunroom. 

If you already have a ceiling fan, it can still be useful to get portable fans to direct hot air towards the vents in your sunroom. To learn more about keeping your sunroom cool during the summer, give us a call today

What are the benefits of a ductless mini split heating & cooling system for my sunroom?

Some of the benefits of a ductless mini split heating and cooling system for your sunroom are: 

  • It provides controlled heating and cooling of your sunroom.  
  • It is cheap to install in your home’s sunroom. 
  • It is an energy efficient heating and cooling option. 

A ductless mini split heating and cooling system is a perfect heating and cooling solution for your sunroom because it allows you to control the temperature of your sunroom during any season of the year. To get a ductless mini split heating and cooling system installed in your sunroom, contact us today

If you’re not quite ready to add a heating and cooling system to your sunroom right now, overhead fans are always a terrific addition to any sunroom. This will help circulate air through your sunroom and once you do decide to add a heating and cooling system, having overhead fans as well will allow you to keep the temperature down in your sunroom without your system having to use as much energy.

As you can see, there are many options for heating and cooling your sunroom. Make the most out of every room in your home by adding a heating and cooling system to your sunroom today!

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Fran W
Fran W
01:08 28 Nov 23
Jacob Bradham recently did a terrific job preparing my HVAC system for our coming cold days as well as the current hot days. Thanks, Jacob, for your professional and personable attitude, and your "get it done" demeanor. I appreciate knowing that I'm all set for winter cold weather.Thank you, Jacob!
Larry Myers
Larry Myers
19:47 27 Nov 23
These folks are the very best. My technician today was very friendly and professional. Performed maintenance on both of my systems. They always do a good and thorough job of checking the systems and cleaning them. Very professional.
Barry Faulk
Barry Faulk
15:26 16 Nov 23
Benson's is the best. Their service representatives are always thoughtful, well informed, and thoroughly professional. I remain a very happy customer.

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